Child Custody

When it comes to child custody, we work with our clients to help them advocate for what is best for their child and family. Custody unfortunately is often used to intimidate or scare parties into doing what the other person wants. We believe it is important to know your rights and be empowered with information so that you can make choices that are best for your child.


Child custody is divided into two parts: parenting time and decision-making responsibility. Parenting time refers to the parenting/visitation schedule and decision-making responsibility refers to each parent’s right to make educational, medical, and other decisions for their child. The standard used to decide custody, is ‘best interests of the child’. This means that a Court will look at both positions and decide a resolution that meets the child(ren)’s best interests and needs. This is important because often times in highly charged situations, the child(ren) may be put in the middle of the dispute between their parents.


Custody of the child(ren) is often the most contested and understandably, the most emotional part of a case. We always encourage parties to work collaboratively when it comes to their child(ren) and support them in resolving disputes amicably to successfully to co-co-parent. This is not always possible. We believe in being honest with our clients as to all of their options and possibilities in a case. We do not sugar coat the law and are clear with our clients as to what they are and are not legally able to do. In cases where there is high conflict, we advocate zealously for our client’s position and use an emotionally intelligent approach to support them through the process.

Child Custody Areas of Practice