The Divorce process is a difficult one filled with transitions, emotions, and changes. The right attorney can bring clarity and stability to the process for their client. We pride ourselves on helping provide our clients with clarity during the chaos.


We understand that going through a divorce is an emotionally and financially stressful process and we work as a team with you to help alleviate that stress by:


  • Making sure you understand the process. We truly believe that information is power. It is why we created free resources such as our blog and YouTube channel. Whether you meet with us for a consultation or choose to retain us, we ensure that you leave each meeting feeling confident as to your legal rights and with a clear understanding of the process and next steps.


  • Financial transparency. We provide you with clear costs relating to your case. You have enough stress and we do not add to it by adding surprise costs or fees to your legal retainer. We are upfront and honest and work with you to help you decide what type of legal representation is right for you. We are not guided by numbers or billing minimums - we do what is right for you. Our success is due to this client centered approach and philosophy that is a part of everything we do.


  • Strategy. Not every client is the same, not every case is the same, and not every family is the same. Some cases require an aggressive approach while others require negotiation and strategy. Our advocacy is informed by our client’s goals and what is in the best interest of their family/children. We evaluate each case and work with our client to help them understand what they can accomplish.


  • Dedication. Every member of our team believes in what they do. We are fortunate to be part of a team that truly cares about each client and is invested in the outcome of their case. We respond to emails and calls from our client and make it a part of our client service to ensure that our clients are kept updated about their case. You should not have to track down your attorney or have your attorney’s conduct add frustration to your case. Our job is to take care of the legal issues so that you can focus on your life.

Divorce Specialties