Unbundled Legal Services

We understand that hiring a lawyer for your family law case is a financial investment. We also believe that legal representation should be accessible, so we offer unbundled or limited scope legal services. Our philosophy is the same no matter what type of representation you choose: we empower you and help you get the best possible outcomes for your case.


You are in charge of your case; however, limited scope services allow you to choose what type of assistance you need and for what parts of your case.


What type of things can we assist you with?


  1. Help you prepare for hearings

  2. Help Prepare for mediation

  3. Help you draft and review forms/legal documents and other filings with the Court

  4. Help you prepare for trial including understanding exhibits and organizing your case

  5. Coach you to testify at a hearing

  6. Advise you of your legal rights to assist you in negotiating

  7. Review case strategy

  8. Understand the process for your specific type of case



What can we not do?

  1. We cannot represent you in the matter.

  2. We cannot appear in Court with you.

  3. We cannot communicate with the opposing party or their attorney.



Things to consider before choosing limited scope representation:

  • We can help prepare you for any hearings, mediation, or appearances related to your case. However, you are responsible for appearing at them.

  • You are responsible for all deadlines related to your case

  • You are responsible for understanding and applying the applicable law and court rules



You can discuss whether unbundled services are right for you with one of our experienced attorneys. We can also convert your limited scope retainer to full legal representation if you feel that you would like an attorney to represent you in the future.