The I-751 form, also known as the Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence, is a petition that certain conditional residents must file in order to remove the conditions on their permanent residency status. Conditional residents are those who have been granted permanent residency status based on their relationship to a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident spouse. In order to remove the conditions on their status, they must file an I-751 form within 90 days before their second anniversary of receiving their conditional permanent resident status.

What Happens if My I-751 Petition Is Still Pending When My Citizenship Application Is Due?

There are two possible scenarios that could occur if your I-751 petition is still pending when your citizenship application is due.

The first scenario is that you may be able to apply for what is known as “citizenship by exception.” Citizenship by exception is available to those who are unable to file their I-751 form on time due to extraordinary circumstances beyond their control, such as a major disaster or serious illness. If you believe that you qualify for citizenship by exception, you should include a detailed explanation of your situation when you submit your citizenship application.

The second scenario is that you may be able to file for an extension of your conditional permanent resident status. This extension will give you additional time to file your I-751 form. To file for an extension, you must submit a Form I-751 Supplement E with your citizenship application.

What Resources Can I Use for Help? 

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Why Should I Hire a Family-Based Immigration Lawyer?

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